What our Parents are saying

“After relocating unexpectedly from the US Virgin Islands, on the heels of Hurricane Maria, we where plagued with the daunting task of finding Daycare for our daughter. She was ultimately enrolled in a Center in the District that came highly recommended. However, after several month, we recognized that, on a daily basis, she would cry when she was dropped off and would run into our arms when she was picked up. We attributed this to her new environment, but after several months of the same behavior, it did not sit well with us. There where a few incidences as well that made us query the care that was being provided. We finally decided to remove her from that environment and she was then enrolled at The Britleys for Toddlers. The owner, Gloria, allayed all of our fears. We immediately felt like she was family. The facility was immaculate, the curriculum was impressive and the staff diverse. Within weeks I saw a transformation. Our daughter’s vocabulary expanded tremendously, she no longer cried when she was dropped off and in fact, she ran into the center, not looking back to see where we were. We did not take it personally, we where reassured. She has become fast friends with her classmates and is happy to see them in the morning. She has been exposed to the amazing culture of this city, more then we have, with frequent trips to the museums and daily outings. They are meticulous with her care and never do we worry. They have accommodated our hours and understanding that unexpected things happen that may throw our time schedules off. Most importantly our daughter feels safe and loves to go to her daycare. We only wish that she could stay there indefinitely.”

- Michele Berkeley

“Many SW residents like ourselves know the reality of limited childcare options for non-government employees within the neighborhood. As a result, we often make concessions either in travel, cost, or care to accommodate what’s most important. Thank you Britleys for the service you provide. In our initial conversation with Gloria (Director) we had reservations about a new toddler focused school opening. All questions we had were answered completely and have not have any regrets since enrolling our child. Our child has learned so much in the brief time they have been there. The staff members are outstanding educators, and they work diligently to teach a great curriculum that encourages both learning and social skills toddlers need at this age. They also foster exploration by constantly go on field trips around the Mall. It’s a clean and new facility conveniently located around the corner from the L’enfant metro. For any parents looking to enroll/reenroll their child into an exceptional establishment, look no further.”

- Troy Newman

“I don’t even know where to start…our family relocated to the DC area from the Bay Area a few weeks ago. As with any big move, there are lots of things to worry about, but we were most worried about finding a new school for our 2 year-old daughter. She absolutely loved her old school, and it seemed impossible to find something that could compare. But then comes Miss Gloria and her amazing team at Britleys! I knew from the moment I spoke to her on the phone, that we would be in good hands. And my daughter warmed up to her right away as well. She has LOVED every day and talks about going to school each day. She loves the field trips and fun activities they do each day. We could not be any happier with how wonderful The Britleys for Toddlers has been!”

- Amy Woods

“The Britleys for Toddlers is the best-kept secret in DC! Our daughter is happy and thriving. She is exploring the city on fun and educational field trips and learning at an incredible rate. The teachers at The Britleys are professional and polite. The environment is immaculate and organized. Gloria Ogbemudia, the director, is thoughtful and so accommodating. She is genuine and simply exceptional in her approach to the well-being and development of our daughter. Words cannot describe how reassured and thankful we are to have found The Britley For Toddlers. My daughter has learned to use her utensils, sing ABCs and nursery rhymes, and is counting…and did I mention the fabulous tea parties they have. My daughter gets to dress up and go to a real tea party. I do not worry about my daughter when she is at The Britleys because I know that she is happy and treasured.”

- Melba Mathurin

“After several months looking for Daycare in DC before moving here we finally found The Britley for Toddlers, since day one my daughter felt at home. I couldn’t be more happy with the center, she is learning everyday and she loves being with her teachers.”

- Sabrina Delgado

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